West Grantham Academy St John's Uniform

“We require all pupils at The West Grantham Academy St John's to wear the correct uniform at all times.  Our uniform ensures pupils feel part of our community and are proud to represent the academy."



Purple Sweatshirt/Cardigan (embroidered The West Grantham Academy St John's)

White Polo Shirt (plain or embroidered The West Grantham Academy St John's)

Black Trousers/Skirt  (elasticated waist garments rather than belts and buckles are preferable for primary age children.)

Black Shoes (not trainers)


Purple T-Shirt (embroidered The West Grantham Academy St John's)

Black Shorts/Tracksuit

Black Plimsolls

Named PE Bag, to be hung on the pupil's peg in the cloakroom.  (It is recommended that this bag also has a spare pair of pants and socks inside.)


A pair of named wellington boots are to be left in school please, (to enable pupils to carry on their learning outside).



Jewellery must not be worn at any time.


Naming items - your child will be one of 30, all of whom will be wearing uniform.  Please help your child and school by naming everything, including coats, hats, scarves and shoes.  You can use a biro, fabric marker pen or name tapes.

Purchasing - uniform items can be purchased from our online shop, (linked from The West Grantham Academy website www.wgaacademiestrust.org.uk), or via the academy office.  Additionally, local shops and supermarkets often carry inexpensive basic items.